Marketing to mining: the seven essential web pages for a mining supplier or service provider

Whether you’re a large multi-national or a start up there are seven essential web pages for a mining supplier or service provider.

I’ll get to these in a moment, but before I do it’s important to explain the purpose of a website.

The aim of your website is to ensure your company is FOUND for any relevant online keyword searches.

Let me repeat that: your website’s purpose is to ensure your company is FOUND for any relevant online keyword searches.

Hint: people RARELY search on company names; they search by typing in Google the SOLUTIONS they’re seeking e.g. mill liners WA, site civil construction Pilbara or mechanical and piping installation WA.

Some companies unnecessarily spend thousands – some tens of thousands – on totally ineffective websites either because a web developer oversold them, the person managing the website’s development got carried away, or because of company vanity.

There’s no point having an all-singing-all-dancing website with all the bells and whistles that cannot be found in search results e.g. Google when someone types in relevant keywords to your core business.

An effective website shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg – far from it.

The second thing I want to emphasise is that if you’re investing in a website or website upgrade ensure you have something you can easily update to the best of your ability without third party assistance.

At a conservative rate of $160 an hour, getting a web developer to make even simple changes to your website will become very costly.

I recommend websites based on open source blogging tools and content management systems because you can easily make basic updates to your site such as editing text and adding pages.

Okay. So here are the seven essential web pages:

#1 Home page

Your home page is effectively your shopfront.It should include your company logo and mission statement and at least one glowing testimonial or recommendation from a client – and preferably a professional photo of the client – positioned front and centre on the page.

A great testimonial would be something like:

“XYZ Mining Services is a detail-oriented engineering services provider that delivers on what they promise. They saved our company $1.5 million a month with a clever engineering solution to our crushing plant. The team from XYZ was highly professional, prompt and great to deal with. Highly recommended.”
– Joe Bloggs, plant operator, Omega Mining Company

If you want to blow the socks of your visitors have a gallery window that automatically shows multiple testimonials – five is more than enough – with each slide having a professional photo of the client and their testimonial.

#2 Capabilities page

The capabilities page should be a summary of no more than 300 words focusing on what your company can do. It should be clear, concise, factual and specific.Avoid industry jargon and statements, words and phrases like ‘were customer-focused’, ‘results-driven’ and ‘outcomes orientated’.

These kinds of statements, words and phrases are okay in testimonials and recommendations from clients and customers, but coming from you they’re meaningless.

A good example:

“…XYZ Mining Services maintains a fleet of about about 500 items, including cranes up to 750 tonne capacity – some operated by a specialist heavy-lift team, telehandlers, container handlers to 32 tonne capacity, site vehicles, elevated work platforms, forklifts, pipeline construction equipment and specialised welding gear…”

You can also list your plant and equipment on this page, but avoid vague statements like “XYZ Engineering Services currently owns a variety of plant and equipment.”


For example:

“XYZ Engineering Services workshop has direct access to the 3,000 and 15,000 tonne load out wharfs, the large high wide bay fabrication hall, as well as the floating dock and 4,600 tonne capacity heavy lift transporters.

Our workshop comprises 10 bays ranging from 25-30m wide with under crane hook heights ranging from 12m to 20m.

Bay six is ideally designed to cater for large modular assemblies up to 30m wide x 150m long x 20m high.

A large office to cater for up to 60 staff is inside. The workshop is serviced by 18 overhead cranes (20 tonne capacity) and 4 overhead cranes (50 tonne capacity).”

#3 Company Record page

Who have you worked with? What type of projects have you worked on? What have you delivered for your clients or customers?Again, be specific; don’t bullshit.

A good example:

“XYZ Engineering Services delivered the main civil works construction of a main civil works package for the ACME Project Onshore LNG project. This was critical infrastructure required for the building of the onshore LNG facilities.  
The civil and construction operations included: steel piling, earthworks, roads and paving and concrete works.

XYZ Engineering Services also delivered the temporary site facility works for the project. The scope of work included the design and construction of various temporary site buildings.

We also delivered the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) building works for the project.

The scope of works included a 12- month design and procurement period, followed by a 21-month construction period to deliver an operations complex area.”

#4 Accreditations and Special Techniques page

If you’re a service provider to the mining community this page is critical because it explains your credentials and communicates credibility.For example:

“XYZ Engineering Services is Quality Certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2000 – for consulting services, project management, engineering, procurement, construction management and maintenance…”

Also, be sure to include logos linked to any accredited bodies.

#5 Testimonials page

Your best sales people are satisfied customers that can recommend you.No matter how capable you are. No matter how good your company record. No matter what accreditation and special techniques you have. No matter what plant and equipment you have. Nothing is as powerful and effective in promoting a business than recommendations from clients.

Best of all testimonials and recommendations are free – providing of course you have clients satisfied with your equipment and/or services.

Couple of things with this page though: keep testimonials and recommendations brief. A few sentences are fine.

Also, try and get the client to BE SPECIFIC about what most impresses them about your company. See pointer #1 on the Home page for a good example.

If you can stretch your budget invest in a brief video clip to post on the page with testimonials and recommendations from your clients. It’s the most powerful and potent form of promotion.

#6 Announcements page

Call it a ‘news’ page, a ‘blog’ page a ‘what’s new’ page or an ‘announcements’ page. Call it what you like, but ensure you’ve got content on this page and ensure you’re updating it AT LEAST weekly.‘Oh, but we don’t have anything new to report each week’ I hear you say.


If you haven’t got anything new to report write a brief blog – you don’t need to write an essay – about trends and developments in the equipment and service your provide is just as good.

There’s always something to say.

Fulfilling content on a weekly basis says to site visitors that you’re an engaged and up-to-date company that is genuinely passionate and interested in helping their customers.

All this fresh content will also go a long way to enhancing the search-ability of your site!

#7 Contact page

Every website has a ‘Contact Us’ page, but many are presented poorly and impersonally. This is the page where you should have a ‘human face’ to your company. It personalizes your company and makes you more approachable.Provide a thumbnail pic of the key faces in your management and front line teams.

Ensure each photo is professional (no fishing trip photos please) and include each person’s contact details.

If people on your management team don’t want to display their direct lines or personal email addresses then at the very least provide the switch number and general enquiry email address alongside the person.

I also recommend adding a link alongside each person’s pic to their Linked In page.

If they don’t have a Linked In page (and they should) – get them to set one up. It’s free and takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Avoid put those annoying contact capture fields on your page, but if you must – at least provide your switchboard number, fax and company email for enquiries.

So there you are: the seven essential web pages for any mining supplier or service provider.

About the author –

Jamie is the director of Wade Business Media. He helps industrial suppliers and service providers connect to end users in the resources, construction and infrastructure sectors.

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