Marketing to mining: How advertising in mining print media works

Advertising to end users in mining is unlike advertising in any other market or industry sector.

Plant, equipment and services for the mining sector are usually ‘big ticket’ items in the hundreds of thousands or millions. This means that decisions on the purchase, procurement and specification of plant, equipment and services take a long time, so the sales cycle is long.

Rarely do end users in mining read an ad in a trade publication and call to place an order.

Before you can sell anything in mining your potential customers will want to know who you are, your company’s solutions, what your company stands for, your company’s record, and your company’s reputation.

You’re going to find it difficult building a business to end users in mining if your potential customers don’t connect your solutions to their problems, don’t feel the gravity of your credibility or credentials, and don’t have a tangible way of gauging your expertise or experience.

Advertising – especially print advertising – gives you a channel to communicate all of the above to a highly targeted market.

The key thing about advertising is that it’s a process – not an event.

Many mining suppliers make the mistake of advertisingonce, get no enquiries and never advertise again because they fail to understand this point. They also make the mistake of investing in advertising when it’s actually lead generation they’re really after, but I digress.

The main purpose of advertising – especially in the trade press – is to build your brand and raise awareness of what you do.

The more you advertise the greater mind share you will build with your clients and potential customers.

If a client of mine wanted to advertise once I’d do my utmost to dissuade them.

If your plan is to advertise once in a mining publication to see what sort of result you get then you may as well take the money you paid for that ad and flush it down the toilet.

One is the loneliest number in marketing.

I recommend an absolute BARE minimum of three insertions within targeted relevant features in the rightmining publications – and preferably full pages for maximum impact.

Okay, so let’s say you manufacture water truck modules.

You start advertising your trucks with a campaign of ads in a relevant mining trade publication or publications.

Now only a small part of that publication’s audience will use or manage the use of water trucks on a mine site.

Some of these people will have purchasing authority, some will influence the purchasing process and some will simply specify plant, equipment and services.

Some don’t need a water truck for the foreseeable future, some will need a water truck in six to 12 months, and some need a water truck now.

If you’re a water truck supplier and you’ve beenadvertising frequently in an effective publication then many of these people will have been exposed to youradvertising.

All it takes is for the readers to flick through the publication and stop for just a few seconds at your ad. Your ad’s job is done.

Now lets focus on those readers that have been receiving the publication(s) with your ad for about 12 months. And let’s say they’re ready to buy a water truck.

Where do they first go looking for a water truck? – You guessed it: online – and more than likely with a keyword search in Google.

Providing your website is optimized with the right keywords that will ensure it’s found in search results you should appear high in search rankings.

Let’s say a trade magazine reader and potential customer types in ‘water trucks mining’ into Google and six suppliers come up on the first page including your company.

And let’s say that none of the other suppliers have beenadvertising.

Which of these water truck manufacturers’ websites do you think that person will probably click on first – and why?

And which company do you think this person will probably be more comfortable approaching with an enquiry?

Answer: yours.

Why? – Because of your advertising. It’s communicated your company’s solutions; it’s communicated what your company stands for; it’s communicated your company’s record; and it’s communicated your company’s reputation.

As a result of your advertising, the person that clicked on your website in search results is more likely to connect your solutions to his or her problems; feel the gravity of your credibility or credentials; and have a tangible way of gauging your expertise or experience.

The chances of this person doing business with you are significantly greater than those other water truck manufacturers that haven’t advertised.

And that’s how advertising works in the mining trade print media.

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