Marketing to mining with no ideas, no plan and no budget

A small start-up supplier of mining equipment called me the other day seeking my advice.

He said ‘Jamie, I know very little about marketing. I don’t have a marketing budget. I don’t have a marketing plan. Frankly, I have no idea where to start, but I need to generate sales and leads and FAST. Help!.’

“Okay,” I said. “Here’s what you need to do:

Number 1: do a GREAT job for your customers

Not a mediocre job. Not a ‘she’ll-be-right-job’. Not even and under-delivering-and-overpromising job. You need to do a smash-it-for-six-out-of-the-ground job. You need to do the sort of job that will have your customers raving about you to their suppliers, customers, spouses, person-down-the-road – anyone who’ll listen.

Number 2: when you do a GREAT good job for your customers and they’re super impressed REQUEST:

(1) a letter of RECOMMENDATION (PROOF of your capability to future prospects;
(2) at least one REFERRAL (the best type of leads EVER!);
(3) a TESTIMONIAL (something you can put on all your marketing collateral, website, capability statements et cetera et cetera et cetera); and
(4) permission to WRITE A STORY on your GREAT job for the trade press.

Don’t be shy about asking for these four things. After all, if you’ve done a GREAT job – your customers should be more than happy to oblige – shouldn’t they?

Number 3: write a story

Write a story about the GREAT job you did for your client.

If writing’s not your thing – get someone who can (trust me – it’ll be the best marketing investment you can make).

Number 4: promote your success story

Once you’ve written your story – and the customer approves) – release it to the trade media, post it on your website, send it to all your customers, Tweet it, Facebook it and importantly: share it with your staff.

Once you’ve done all that start again and keep doing it over and over and over.

And that – I said – is how you market with no budget, no plan and no idea about marketing!

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