Safety equipment, maintenance services and contract mining to be in highest demand among end users in mining

Safety equipment, maintenance services and contract mining services will be in highest demand among end users in mining in the next 12 months, according to a recent survey.

An online survey by Cirrus Media revealed that safety equipment will be in highest demand with 35% of more than 1500 respondents indicating they will purchase, procure or specify safety gear.

Maintenance services ranked second among 25% of respondents.

More than 16% of respondents said they would require contract mining and services.

Other equipment and services that ranked highly included materials handling equipment; bulk materials handling equipment; electrical equipment and cables; and pumps, pipes, valves and compressors.

Print still powerful

The survey also revealed that print was still a powerful medium for reaching end users in mining.

Print ranked 3.2 out of five in usefulness as a means of sourcing new products.

Magazines were on a par with trade shows in terms of usefulness and both were second only to online that ranked as most useful channel in sourcing new products.

Enewsletters ranked fourth in usefulness followed by direct mail and social media.

Australian Mining most read magazine

Asked which publication they would read if they could only read one, respondents overwhelmingly chose Australian Mining magazine from five mining publications.

More than 55% of respondents chose Australian Mining magazine published by Cirrus Media – formerly Reed Business Information – as the only mining publication they would read if they could only read one.

Second was Australia’s Mining Monthly published by Aspermont at 29%.

Third was The Australian Mining Review published by Miningoilgas at just over 10%.

Fourth was The Mining Chronicle published by West Australian Publishers at about 4%.

Fifth was The Australian Journal of Mining published by Informa at about 2%.

Print engagement higher

End users of mining equipment and services continue to engage strongly with print.

More than 80% of respondents read three to four issues out of the last four issues of Australian Mining.

More than half of respondents (55%) said four or more people read their copy of Australian Mining.

Most respondents (35%) invested 15 to 30 minutes reading each edition of Australian Mining and 25% invested 30 minutes or more reading each edition.

About 28% of respondents invested 10 to 15 minutes reading Australian Mining and 12% – five to 10 minutes.

A total of 87% of respondents said advertising in Australian Mining was useful.

As a result of reading Australian Mining, most subscribers (75%) referred an article to someone, visited a website (70%) or discussed an article with a colleague (68%).

More than half of respondents saved their copy or an article for future reference.

Nearly 25% of respondents said they had contacted a supplier after reading their copy of Australian Mining.

Survey respondents mainly comprised project manager, general manager, technical manager, operations manager, engineer, foreman, maintenance manager, mine manager, director and production and operations.

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