Pinpoint editorial opportunities with my FREE mining publications features chart

Did you know there are about a dozen opportunities on average for unpaid media placement within 12 months across the key mining trade publications?

The benefits from publicity are HUGE, but it’s not just about reaching a mass audience; it’s also about credibility – and that is priceless.

To make life easier for you download my Mining Publications Features Grid 2014 spreadsheet that maps ALL the editorial features in the five key mining publications for 2014.

Simply scan or filter the relevant features from the list in the left column to see where and when the features are scheduled.


Before you go ahead and start planning there a few important things to consider:

You’ll then be able to see the editions and publications when those features are scheduled.

BUT WAIT! Before you go ahead and start planning there a few important things to consider:

1. You’ll need to factor in lead time by ensuring your content is sent to the editor AT LEAST ONE MONTH before the edition is published. 

For example, if you want to contribute content to a March edition then you’ll need to submit your content no later that 1 February.

Very important.

I strongly advise contacting the editor or someone in the editorial team well in advance to confirm deadlines for copy.

2. If possible pitch your content suggestion to the editor. 

Most editors welcome editorial contributions, especially if they’re exclusive and relevant to a specific feature.

Contact the editor well before the editions and features you wish to contribute and pitch your proposed contribution.

The editor will be able to give you some advice and guidance, advise on word count, image requirements and deadlines. However, don’t be put off if an editor doesn’t respond immediately.

Editors are busy people, but they usually keep files of editorial contributions for forthcoming features, so your contribution may be filed for review at a later date.

3. Ensure your content is EDITORIAL in nature and NOT commercial in nature.

If you’re submitting an editorial on a new product keep it brief – 200 to 300 words on the technical specs will suffice.

Attach a high resolution image and you chances of publication increase ten fold.

Same applies for opinion pieces, articles on trends and developments in your area of solutions, case studies, Q&As et cetera – ensure they are editorial in nature and submit great images.

4. Attach great images!

Editors LOVE great images and your chances of being considered will be boosted dramatically if you submit great images with your editorial.

Anything depicting mining activity is even better.

My advice is to submit about three high resolution images with captions for each.

Last word: don’t lose heart if your editorial isn’t published.

There are many reasons why editorial isn’t published and it may not have anything to do with the content of your contribution; space in print, for instance, is always at a premium and things do get bumped at the last minute.

5. Thank the editor

Editing can be a thankless and at times stressful job.

A letter or email of appreciation for publishing your story will go a long way to building a strong relationship

On the other hand if your article’s not picked up, don’t despair. Keep contributing.

There are plenty of editors that will welcome good content – especially content that’s relevant to a specific feature in their publication.


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