FAQs: developing an editorial or media release with Wade Business Media

What’s the process in editorial development?

The development of editorial begins with a briefing. This includes the editorial ‘angle’ and aim of the editorial.

If the proposed editorial content is unsuitable or unlikely to be picked up by the media we’ll advise.

If the content is suitable and will probably be picked up by the media we’ll provide an estimate of the word count.

If photography or travel is required then we’ll also provide an estimate.

You must provide the names and contact details of all stakeholders – internal and external. It’s critical that you have the blessing of all stakeholders – especially your customers – before commissioning an editorial.

We’ll only proceed once you have accepted the estimate and notified us in writing that you have the okay of all stakeholders.

The first draft will be emailed to you for feedback and required changes. It can take anywhere from 14 to 28 days to develop a first draft – depending on the availability of stakeholders. It’s also very important to ensure you have enough lead time for editorial development if it’s to meet a deadline.

Please note: if you cancel the project after the first draft or any subsequent drafts you will be billed at the word rate applicable to the most recent draft.

Once changes are made, a revised draft is submitted. This process continues until no more changes are required and you have approved – in writing – the copy or text.

Following your approval, the draft is then emailed to external stakeholders quoted, referred to or sourced in the copy. This is essential.

Following feedback and any changes from external stakeholders a new draft is provided to all stakeholders.

Any further feedback and changes are incorporated into a revised draft. At this stage external stakeholders will be asked to confirm that no further changes are required.

A final draft or proof is reached when no further changes are required.

The editorial will not be released to the media without your explicit instructions – in writing.

All stakeholders are then notified by email, phone and/or where applicable – fax – when the editorial and any images will be released to the media.

Is the process different if I want to submit an editorial for a particular publication, edition and feature?

Yes. The same process as above still applies. However, if the editorial is targeted for a particular publication, feature and edition we’ll need to submit a synopsis to the editor for their consideration.

We’ll draft the synopsis and email it to you for approval before sending. There is no charge in drafting the synopsis and there is no charge if the editor declines the proposed editorial.

If the editor agrees to receive the editorial we’ll advise you of their required word count.

If you cancel the commission after an editor has agreed to receive the editorial and you agreed to proceed, a cancellation fee of $1000 plus GST to Wade Business Media applies.

Please note: editors reserve the right to publish or not publish, so there is no guarantee an editor will publish your editorial even if they accepted the synopsis and editorial. This rarely happens, but it can occur.

If the editor requires any further changes to the submitted content we will advise.

What if I don’t have anything to say or anything new to promote?

Don’t worry if you feel you don’t have anything to say or new to promote. If you’re in business then you or other people in your company surely have experience and knowledge that would be of benefit to your customers and target customers.

We’ll help you craft and effective message that communicates that experience and knowledge.

Is media relations part of your service?

Yes. We understand what it takes to get published in the trade press. Use our knowledge, experience and network of contacts to maximise your chances of unpaid media placement.

How much do you charge for your editorial services?

Our rate is $2.50 per word plus GST. This rate applies to the headline, body copy and image captions only in the final proof that you sign off.

The word rate does not apply to information such as company background, ‘about us’ statements and contact details.

How many words in a typical editorial?

This depends. A media release could be as little as 400 words. However, a technical article could be up to 2000 words.

We’ll advise you on an appropriate word count and won’t proceed until we’ve agreed on word count with you.

Do you ghost write?

Yes. Writing for the media requires very particular skill sets. We’ve worked with many companies to help develop editorial for people that don’t have the time or skills to write for the media.

Wade Business Media sells advertising for Australian Mining magazine? – Isn’t that a conflict of interest that may prejudice editors from competitor titles running a media release from Wade Business Media?

No. Most professional editors will consider a contributed editorial on its merits – not its messenger.

We’ve had editorials published in all of the major mining publications. For more information, see our portfolio at www.wadebusiness.com.au/portfolio/

In situations where a media release developed by Wade Business Media may be discriminated we advise you to send the media release to a list of contacts provided by us.

Can I see a copy or proof of the editorial before publication?

Some editors may oblige here, but most won’t.

Editors reserve the right to edit content as they see fit; it’s their call – not yours.

If you require a copy or proof of the published editorial before publication you must declare this before a synopsis is submitted. However, we strongly advise against a demand of this nature as most editors won’t oblige in defense of their right to edit. A ‘request’ rather than a demand to see a copy or proof of the published editorial before publication is preferable.

Demanding an editor to see a copy or proof of the published editorial before publication may offend. Editors can find this disconcerting and it may result in your editorial being withdrawn from publication. It could also result in your company being blackballed for future consideration. It would also reflect poorly on Wade Business Media.

Is photography extra?

Yes. If photography is required we’ll refer you to a reputable and suitably qualified professional photographer.

Photographers typically charge $150 an hour plus costs for each image. If travel is required such as location shoots then you’ll also be charged extra.

You’ll also need to factor in lead time for photo shoots and image delivery.

Wade Business Media does not package photography into editorial projects and accepts no responsibility for the work of recommended photographers.

Can I use the editorial on my website and in marketing collateral?

Absolutely! We encourage you to use the editorial in internal and external communications – particularly direct mail or via email marketing such as enewsletters.

I’d like to commission a case study, but my customer doesn’t want to be mentioned. Is it still worth commissioning an editorial?

It’s better that you have the blessing of all stakeholders before commissioning an editorial. An option here is to ask your customer if you could proceed providing any references to their company, operation and personnel are omitted. If the client still declines we strongly advise not proceeding.

What checks are in place to ensure I’m happy with editorial before its released?

Editorial development is a rigorous process. While it’s ideal to nail a draft first go this rarely happens. It’s not uncommon for an editorial to take several drafts before the final copy is reached. This significantly limits the chances of error, but errors can still occur.

While Wade Business Media takes ultimate responsibility for the final draft, all stakeholders share a responsibility in the accuracy and approval of editorial.

Editorial will not be finalised and released without your sign off.

What sort of result can I expect?

It’s important to manage your expectations about results.

While we can determine to some degree the newsworthiness of an editorial or editorial proposal it’s impossible to know if the media will run with the editorial.

A media release about a professional appointment at your company is going to be less appealing to the media than a case study.

Do you follow up to see if the editorial has been published or will be published?

Wade Business Media’s general policy is not to follow up with editors. Frankly, editors find this annoying and distracting. In some cases we’ll make an exception, but at the end of the day the editorial should be able to stand up on its own merits. Also bear in mind that many editors file media releases for features in future issues. Therefore, it could be months before your media release or editorial is run.

What if the editorial’s not picked up – do I still have to pay?

Yes. Wade Business Media makes no guarantees that your editorial will be published. We’ll do everything we can every step of the way to maximise your chances of publicity, but once your editorial has been released it’s in the hands of the media.

Can I see some examples of your work?

Wade Business Media’s extensive portfolio of published work is available for viewing at http://www.wadebusiness.com.au/portfolio/

Is your editorial usually picked up?

Wade Business Media has a 98 per cent success rate in published editorial for clients. Few public relations professionals can make this boast.

How can I maximise the chances of publication?

To maximise your chances of publicity it’s important that you firstly acknowledge and respect editorial integrity. A self-respecting editor will not compromise the editorial integrity of their publication by publishing content that it is too commercial in nature.

Secondly, you need to have something genuinely newsworthy to say. The people that receive and read content in the trade media are not morons; they are part of an educated audience. Tertiary educated and highly skilled they’re not interested in commercial content. They want to know how your equipment and services will help them boost efficiency, increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance safety for their operation. Stick to the facts and avoid hyperbole and unsubstantiated claims.

Thirdly, have a bank of high quality images that can be sent with the editorial. If you don’t have good images we highly recommend investing in the services of a professional photographer specialising in industrial photography.

Who are some of your clients?

Wade Business Media services clients large and small in editorial development. For more information, visit http://www.wadebusiness.com.au/portfolio/ and http://www.wadebusiness.com.au/our-clients/

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