Informe Metso Minerals staff magazine Australia & NZ 02/14. Articles written by Jamie Wade: Good vibrations, Informe Issue 2, 2014; WASM, Informe Issue 2, 2014; and BGC, Informe Issue 2, 2014.

Business News, April 21, 2014: It’s a hard sell, so get help

Informe Metso Minerals Staff Magazine Australia & NZ 01/14: Articles written by Jamie Wade: Our engineering expertise seals the deal on big Vertimill liner contract – p7; A world of experience for BHP apprentice thanks to our Henderson factory team – pp 12-13; Cementing relationships with the world’s largest consumer of minerals – p14.

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Informe Metso Minerals Staff Magazine Australia & NZ 03/13. Articles written by Jamie Wade: Cone crusher retrofit delivers 25% capacity boost for Solomon Hub – p11; On time and on budget for one of the largest dumpers in the world – p12; Success breeds success at Namuldi – p14.

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