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Industrial B2B marketing: it’s okay to fail

Wouldn’t it be great to go through life where every endeavor was a roaring success. You got top grades in every school test taken and became school dux. You met the perfect partner and your wedding was an unbridled success without a hitch. Your honeymoon was like something out of a Hollywood chick-flick. Your partner […]

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Industrial B2B marketing: can you answer these questions?

Over the years I’ve met countless industrial suppliers and service providers with decision-making authority on marketing, but little or no understanding of their customers. This lack of understanding about basic customer identity seems to affect all businesses from global conglomerates to dad and Dave operations in the back of Welshpool. If you have the marketing […]

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Industrial B2B marketing: how to write an effective media release

We may live in an age of social media, but the humble media release is still a powerful and cost effective way of getting your message to a mass market –especially industrial markets. The main thing to consider with any media release is that the customer is an editor – not the end user of […]

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