Archive | May, 2014

Marketing to mining: how to connect with your prospects and clients

Many mining suppliers and service providers struggle communicating to their prospects and customers. There are a variety of reasons why this happens, but in my experience it’s usually because they don’t have the time, desire or skills to communicate. Most mining suppliers and service providers come from a technical background and also tend to get […]

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Marketing to mining: what does your company stand for?

There’s an old Chinese saying that the condition of the road is tested with a single stone. What does that mean? Well in the context of marketing quite a lot. If you want to build a business as a mining supplier or service provider your main goal is to ensure it has a firm foundation. […]

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Marketing to mining: tap in to your experts

They say that a company’s greatest asset is its people and when it comes to marketing that’s especially true. Nearly every mining supplier or service company that I’ve worked with has at least one smart, bright and clever technical person – usually someone with an engineering background. What surprises me though is the number of […]

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